These loans are generally provided for working capital purposes and current business expansion.The repayment of principal and interest is based on the borrowers' regular income and collateral secured by property.


  • Increase business opportunity
  • Increase business income
  • Obtain financial advice from our experienced staff
  • Convenient cash  management with flexible loan repayment
  • Work  with friendly and helpful staff
  • Reliable and fast service
  • Simple and understandable documents
  • Confidentiality


Brief Terms and Conditions

  • Maximum amount of loan up to US$150,000
  • Flexible methods of repayment
  • Loan tenor up to 60 months
  • Interest charge only on the borrowed amount



  • Individual borrowers:                      
  • Collateral
  • ID Cards/ Passport and Visa               
  • Family Book/ Residential records
  • Borrower’s confirmed Financial Statement
  • Property Certificates “Collateral property”


  • Institutional borrowers:
  • Collateral
  • Shareholders’ ID cards/ Passports
  • Company Memorandum
  • Company registration Certificate
  • Patent
  • Board of Resolutions / Minutes of Shareholder’s meeting
  • Company Confirmed Financial Statement

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