DGB Specialized Bank organized Family Party and invited our staff’s whole family including their spouses, children and parents to the memorable events. It still comes to our mind the most surprising video of staff’s notes of thanks to their families and importance people who attended the party, staff stage performance, and lucky draws. More importantly, CEO’s surprise announcement and award to “Staff of the Year” during the event made the party more enjoyable from the beginning till the end. For the wonderful arrangement, staff spent a couple of weeks rehearsing their performance to their invited family and the rest of the participants.

  • Coconut dance: showed proper practice and wonderful dress. Most of the performers had very rhythmic senses   [Photo]
  • Fishing dance: showed brilliant ideas to wear wigs to cover shortage of lady performers.   [Photo]
  • CamCap fashion show: showed wonderful display of the words of Cam Capital with a logo. senses   [Photo]
  • Comedy show:  showed very comic conversations and actions.   [Photo]
  •  Lucky Draws and Staff of the Year Award:  Lots of fun and exciting moments of the event.    [Photo]
  •  Family Day on 29 October 2016 : [Photo]

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