CEO’s Message 2015:


  • Lee Yong Man

          The Cambodia economy still showed a growth of 6.9% although the country faced more competition in their garment exports, weaker agricultural sector growth and a slower tourism industry. The foregoing notwithstanding, at Cam Capital Specialized Bank Plc, we continue to focus on delivering the highest level of quality service to meet our customer needs amidst this challenging environment

 I am pleased to report that the bank’s net income grew by 8% to US$1,928,000 for the year 2015 from US$1,785,000 for the year 2014. The Bank’s total assets grew by 45% to US$64 million for the year 2015 from US$44 million in the year 2014. The strong performance was achieved without sacrificing credit quality as seen by our low 0.1% classified loans against our total loan portfolio figures. As per the National Bank of Cambodia guidelines, we have made adequate provisions for the various classified loans. Going forward, we remain committed to ensure the best quality of loan portfolio for the Bank with conservative risk underwriting, selective business growth and balancing the expectation of our shareholders in terms of risks and rewards. We continue to have a positive outlook on the Bank as we strive to grow our assets and profitability with prudent risk management. We remain ever thankful to our shareholders for their continued support and commitment with an increase in shareholder loans to US$40 million for the year 2015 (from US$25 million in 2014). Once again, our strong operating performance was made possible only with the well-executed and timely processing of loans and most importantly the dedication of our hardworking staff. Great team work and cooperation by all our staff and shareholders alike remain core values for our Bank.

Our philosophy remains unchanged that people are our greatest asset. Therefore we strive to get the best talent in the industry and continue to invest in staff skill improvement and training. Fostering teamwork, the upgrading of technical and business skills is given high priority.

In 2015, the following activities and training were conducted:

  • Various in-house training courses and English language classes for all staff
  • CIFRS training for accounting, internal audit and credit staff
  • External banking courses for 63 staff
  • Oversea workshop in Hong Kong and Shenzhen in November 2015 which was attended by 210 staff​​ members and 25 staff family members.

As we enter 2016, we remain committed to delivering high quality customer services and producing sustainable growth for the Bank.Finally, we would like to thank our value customers. By working with our customers to understand their business needs, we are able to structure financing that meets their unique business requirements on a timely basis. This mutually beneficial relationship has allowed our customers to grow, and for us to grow along with them and many of our loyal customers have been with us since our opening in 2010. We also thank our Board of Directors for their tireless efforts in guiding the Bank’s strategies, and we are grateful to our regulatory authorities, and esteemed shareholders.


Sincerely yours,

Lee Yong Man, CEO


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