CEO’s Message 2014:


Lee Yong Man

          The closing of our FY 2014 marks another important milestone with Cam Capital Specialized Bank Plc scoring another great year of financial growth in balance sheet size and profits. This was no easy task given the strong competition in our market and the mixed global economic conditions which also affected Cambodia.

The Bank's net profit rose by 119% to US$1,785,000 for the year 2014 from US$815,000 for the year 2013, a really excellent achievement! The Bank’s total assets grew by 38% to US$44 million in the year 2014 from US$32 million in the year 2013. The strong performance was achieved without sacrificing credit quality. On the contrary we remain committed to ensure the best quality of loan portfolio for the Bank. With cautious risk underwriting coupled with prompt and dedicated recovery efforts throughout the bank, we sharply reduced our classified loans to a modest 0.25% of our total loan portfolio. As per the National Bank of Cambodia guidelines, we have made adequate provisions for the various classified loans.

These strong results demonstrate our ability to compete head-on in the ever challenging financial industry. We continue to grow in a steady and prudent manner, ensuring that profit and growth remain appropriately balanced against risk and liquidity considerations. We are also mindful to calibrate the growth of the bank’s assets and liabilities, ensuring that they both grow in-sync with each other.

Our success and splendid achievement cannot be done without the continued strong support and commitment from our shareholders for which we are most thankful. This is further underscored by the increase in shareholder loan from US$17 million in the year 2013 to US$25 million in the year 2014. Once again, our strong operating performance was made possible only with the well-executed and timely processing of loans, the diligent and close follow-up problem loans, and most importantly the dedication of our hardworking staff.  These actions have led to the development of great team work & cooperation by all our staff and shareholders alike.

 We believe that people are our greatest asset, and therefore we always strive to get the best talents in the industry. However not to remain complacent , continuous staff skill improvement & training is necessary .Fostering of teamwork , the upgrading of technical & business  skills are given high priority . As such, in 2014, the following activities and training were given to our staff:

  • Various in-house training courses for all staff
  • In-house English language classes
  • Chicago Booth’s special program in Hong Kong for 2 senior management staff
  • External banking course for Branch General Managers, Loan Managers and Branch Operations Managers
  • External English language classes for three Loan Managers
  • Social activities such as Cam Capital football club for our male staff and our female staff enjoyed movies outings.
  • Local workshop in Sihanouk Province for managers.
  • Oversea workshop in Indonesia in November 2014 which was attended by 121 staff members.

For the year 2015, we aim to push ourselves to score another robust performance with a target loan portfolio of US$53 million and non-performing loan percentage not exceeding 1%. We will strive to continue serving our customers with not only the best products in the market but with competitive pricing and the speediest of service. Only then we can be assured of the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Finally, we would like to thank our Board of Directors for their tireless efforts in guiding the bank’s strategies, and we are grateful to our regulatory authorities, esteemed shareholders, and valued customers for their continued support.

Sincerely yours,

Lee Yong Man, CEO


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