CEO’s Message 2012:


Lee Yong Man

           The year 2012 was one of great turbulence with major economies like the USA, Europe and Japan continuing to suffer from recessionary pressures or  lackluster growth. However Cambodia as a recent emerging market remains buoyant with solid growth prospects. With this backdrop, Cam Capital achieved solid business results on all fronts in 2012. I, therefore, am very pleased to report that Cam Capital's loan book grew to US$20 million from a total asset base of US$21 million. This 76 % increase in our loan portfolio is the key instrumental factor for the substantial climb in net profits to US$516,000 for FY 2012 even though the business environment was highly competitive. Our percentage of Non-performing Loan (NPL), which includes overdue loans longer than 30 days, was a very acceptable 1% as at December 2011 but with close monitoring and supervision , it has further improved to 0.7% for 2012 . 

            I credit the successful factors of Cam Capital's performance to the dedication of our hard working staff, fast loan processing and quick decision making but even more importantly with diligent and close follow up of problem loans. In addition to these aforementioned key factors, I remain thankful for  the continued strong support and commitment from shareholders to our business which is further demonstrated by the increased shareholder’s loan to US$15 million in 2012 from US$10 million in 2011. 

            During the year, Cam Capital has doubled its capital to US$3.0 million and continues to grow in a steady and prudent manner, carefully balancing risks against profits and liquidity, whilst serving the community. Cam Capital acknowledges that for its business success, the quality, dedication and commitment of its staff is paramount. In this context we have conducted quarterly training, mostly for loan products to continuously update and improve the knowledge base of our staff. Furthermore to improve and motivate the staff, we have skill development programs, training and social events which include:

 ·        In-house training for all staff

  • 426 times in-house English language classes
  • External banking courses for 7 of our staff members
  • External English language class for 10 of our Managers
  • Cam Capital Football Club has had 38 games with teams of MFIs and Banks in 2012.
  • Family Party was held in January 2012
  • One workshop of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for all staff in September 2012
  • Oversea workshop in Malaysia in November 2012 attended by all 71 staff members. 

            The continued future success of our company remains based on the following key pillars - of growth, trust, knowledge driven human capital, transparency and responsibility. We have an ambitious target to achieve a minimum US$32 million loan portfolio with the NPL percentage not exceeding 1.0% in 2013 in spite of the ever growing competitive business environment arising from the entry of new banks and MFIs to the market. However, with the continued support and commitment of the staff and our shareholders, I am confident Cam Capital can continue to grow and achieve our business targets. 

            On behalf of staff and management of Cam Capital, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to our Board of Directors for their invaluable advice and support. I also acknowledge and commend our staff and management for their dedication, teamwork and contribution throughout 2012. My gratitude is also extended to the shareholders, loyal clients, communities and regulating authorities for their continued support and confidence in Cam Capital.

 Sincerely yours,

Lee Yong Man, CEO

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