CEO’s Message 2010:


Lee Yong Man

Cam Capital Co., Ltd (“Cam Capital”) had its grand start in August 2009 with great enthusiasm and aspirations from staff and management. Immediately after getting our license (No 22) from the National Bank of Cambodia in February 2010, Cam Capital commenced full operations.

During the first 10 month operations, I am pleased to report that Cam Capital successfully built a loan portfolio of US$4.8 million and a total asset of US$5.5 million. Accordingly we have already recorded a positive albeit modest net profit of US$13,000 for FY 2010. Our Non-performing loan (NPL) ratio, which includes overdue loans longer than 30days, is 1.25% as of 31 December 2010, which is within the industry average of 1.3%.

In spite of the company being so young, I can attribute the early successful factors of Cam Capital to the hard working staff and management, flexible loan tenor and prudent credit policy, fast decision making and processing. Equally if not more important I would also like to recognize the strong and timely support and commitment from shareholders to our business.  To demonstrate their commitment, our shareholders have already provided us with a US$10million shareholder loan facility to date, to be increased as our business dictates.

“CAM” of Cam Capital represents “C and A for Creative and Aggressive business and M for Motivating staff”. The success of our operations can’t be achieved without qualified, dedicated and committed staff. In this respect we have skill development and motivation training for Cam

Capital’s staff such as:

  • English class in the office during lunch time.
  • Two motivation workshops overseas in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2010 and Singapore in 2011.
  • Training workshops in Cambodia

These workshops help build up solid teamwork and improve communications between staff and management.

To serve more clients effectively, we are planning to open new branch offices in major areas of Phnom Penh City. One new office in Phsar Doem Thkov is being established and could start full operations from August 2011.

We have an ambitious target to achieve a minimum US$10million loan portfolio and a lower NPL ratio of 1.0% in 2011 in spite of the business environment being more competitive as a result of new banks and MFIs are coming to the market. However having already established a good infrastructure, I am confident with the continued support and commitment of the staff and our shareholders, Cam Capital can achieve our business targets. On behalf of staff and management of Cam Capital, I would like to sincerely thank the National Bank of Cambodia as well as shareholders and the BOD members who provided us with the solid and continuous support and sound advice so that Cam Capital could develop and build an excellent performance and operations during our first year of full operations.

Sincerely yours,


Lee Yong Man, CEO


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